We make sure that our facilities have been equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and take great pride in keeping our amenities up to date.

Special Medical Facilities

Our highly supportive medical staff and stimulating environment allows our clients greater enjoyment and peace of mind. Our adult day programs include support group sessions and treatments for specific senior needs.

Fun & Games

Our senior services facility has been equipped with a game room, spa, personal care services, outdoor activities and much more. We go to great lengths to create an environment where clients can relax and recharge. We house a great variety of activities our guests can stay engaged and enjoy every minute until it’s time for home.

Scenic Grounds and Relaxing Ambiance

Our 11-acre facility houses some of the best day care amenities for Wyndmoor clients, and the beautiful, lush grounds where you can spend your day enjoying the intricacies of nature is unmatched in the area. The natural setting will uplift the spirit, and you can enjoy your day with other community members in our garden area as the fresh air revives and rejuvenates. A day at Evergreen is, quite literally, a breath of fresh air.