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The activity department at Evergreen Adult Day Care is highly committed to providing the best possible recreational space for our guests. The wide array of activities that we host vary by season, and while you can enjoy great outdoor trips and excursion in summertime, the winters can be equally invigorating with a delightful variety of indoor activities to keep your loved ones engaged.

Enjoyable and stimulating adult day care programs

Evergreen keeps things interesting with an ever-changing selection of highly structured activities, including but not limited to: adapted sports, arts & crafts, billiards, video games, community outings, horticulture, music, movies, special holiday programs and entire theme weeks.

Our warm and caring staff members facilitate social interaction and participation. Additionally, family events and programs are scheduled frequently throughout the year, giving everyone an opportunity to join in on the fun!

Activities geared towards each senior’s unique capabilities

Our activities have been designed with an understanding of the importance of staying physically and mentally active, helping ensure a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for our clients. We arrange two levels of activities to ensure that guests are neither overwhelmed nor understimulated.