Our story

“A serene, joyful gathering place for seniors in scenic Montgomery County.”

Evergreen Adult Day Care

was founded by a group of concerned geriatric healthcare professionals in 1994, who realized that seniors in their community faced a unique set of challenges. At home alone all day, many were prone not only to depression, but at greater risk of personal injury.

Seeking to enhance the quality of life for area adults and offer some respite to their loved ones, they created a safe space where all seniors could enjoy a day of recreation and socializing while their loved ones are at work.

Nestled in the idyllic Township of Springfield, Evergreen was formed to provide a quality day care experience to senior citizens from Wyndmoor and the immediate surrounding area. It hasgrown, however—largely by word of mouth—to become a popular destination for clients from nearby Philadelphia as well.

Our programs are client-centered and goal-oriented, personalized to complement the unique interests, abilities, and/or special medical conditions of your loved one. At Evergreen, we pride ourselves on being a true home away from home for our guests.

Whether you’re a caregiver looking for an adult day care facility for your loved one or a senior citizen seeking help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.